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Best roofing material for south Florida – 5 roofing materials to consider if you live in south Florida

DJI 0622 © Your roof protects you from storms, reduces your energy costs, and increases curb appeal. But, which type of roof is best for your South Florida home? This post highlights the importance of choosing the right type of roof for your home. We list which roofing materials to consider if you live in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade County.

Why Your Roofing Material Matters to Your Florida Home?

Florida is special for its favorable weather. Well, most of the time, favorable. Even though it’s called the Sunshine State, we get plenty of intense hurricanes, thunderstorms, and heavy rain. Understanding Florida’s weather pattern is critical when choosing the ideal roofing material for your home. Each roofing material is unique in quality and in what it can do. Each type of roof provides a certain level of protection, energy efficiency, and expense.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingle roofing complements most homes’ models and is affordable. It does well in moderate weather and doesn’t require much maintenance. Asphalt singles are water, fire, and cold resistant. You’re looking at a good 25 years before another roof replacement. This material is lightweight. But, asphalt shingles do not protect you against high winds. A hurricane can blow your shingles right off, which can cause damages to the interior of your roof. It is good to keep in mind the hurricanes Florida gets and its record-high hot summers. Asphalt shingles can warp or crack under excessive heat.

Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile roofs are popular for their earthy tones and aesthetics. Besides style, clay tiles make a great addition to your home because clay doesn’t rot. It protects the interior of your roof from bug and insect damage. Clay tile is also great for beachfront homes as it is salt spray resistant. You also don’t have to worry about the summer heat with a clay tile roof. Clay tile roofs are pricey, but they’ll offer you a lifetime of protection.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile roofs are low maintenance and highly durable. They’ve been proven to withstand the test of time (up to 100 years!) Ironically, concrete tiles are lightweight but resist severe weather conditions. While concrete tiles do come in various colors, this type of roof is limited in design options. Concrete tile roofs are medium-priced. They are priced higher than asphalt shingles, but they also provide a higher level of protection against hurricanes.

Slate Tile

Slate roofs are customizable. You can get them in almost any color and design. If you’re a homeowner looking to increase your curb appeal, slate tile is a solid option. Slate material offers high protection against hurricane-high winds, water, and rot. It’s highly durable and typically lasts up to 100 years. Slate is a type of precious rock. That said, this roof is heavy. Depending on the structure of your house, you might have to reinforce the interior of your roof before installation. Slate tile roofs are expensive. If your goal is to have a beautiful roof that can withstand most weather conditions, then it may be worth it.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are perfect for Florida homes. They increase your home’s energy efficiency and are highly durable. Metal roofs reduce your home’s heat transfer and boost your energy savings up to 40%. In contrast to asphalt shingles, which absorb and holds heat, metal reflects solar radiation. Metal roofs keep your home cool[er]. To add, hurricanes are no match for this type of roof. Metal can withstand winds up to 160 miles an hour. They’re highly durable. Metal roofs keep you safe[r]. The downside to metal roofs is that they’re limited in designs and appearances. They’re also higher priced. Despite the higher price, you can enjoy the benefits of having a metal roof for up to 50 years. And, your metal roof qualifies you for a tax credit.

Make Good Choices

As a good homeowner, you want to make good choices for your home. You want a reliable roof. One that withstands powerful storms, one that withstands excessive heat, one that withstands time. A to Z GC is committed to providing homeowners in South Florida with durable roofing. While other roofing companies try to catch your eye with misleading promises, we do it by honest work and honest rates. Visit our website to know more about roofing by A to Z GC Home Improvements.

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