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Choosing the Right Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale

In the aftermath of a hurricane in South Florida, newspapers throughout the country are filled with horrific photos of 2 x 4’s through windows and furniture scattered throughout the neighborhood. Horrific storms, endemic to Florida, create weather patterns that can and do, wreak havoc with homes that have not installed impact windows Fort Lauderdale. If you think a “window is a window,” look closer.

Those who live on the coast of Florida are blessed with sunshine, cool breezes, and long stretches of sandy beaches. When a hurricane threatens, impact windows are the ideal choice for home protection. Invariably, the first breach of home or another facility during a storm is the windows. Non-impact windows are not designed to withstand extreme winds and airborne projectiles the way impact windows in Fort Lauderdale will. Windows that are not designed nor intended to withstand an impact can be the difference between you and your family’s safety and possessions, and disaster.

Impact windows Fort Lauderdale

According to the IHPA (International Hurricane Protection Association), once a home is breached, and hurricane-force winds enter the building, the roof, and in most cases, the rest of the house, will not survive.

Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale Are a Necessity

There are multiple issues associated with a hurricane, two of which are wind speed and flying debris. Beyond the broken glass and damaged property, choosing unsuitable, non-impact resistant windows can quickly become the root cause of many challenges for a homeowner. Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale also reduce ambient neighborhood noise. Regular windows also drive up property insurance premiums, whereas the installation of impact windows lowers them. The installation of impact windows increases the resale value of a house and provides far better protection against intruders.

When you consider all the benefits associated with impact windows in Fort Lauderdale, you quickly understand why every home and building in the area should be constructed using impact-resistant windows. Owners of homes built before the implementation of revised building codes should give serious thought to installing impact windows.

The Best Way to Protect Your Home, Your Family, and Yourself

So, what are the best ways to protect your home and everything in it? The answer is quite simple, install impact windows in Fort Lauderdale. Strong, durable impact-resistant windows will protect your home and everything in it. There are positive effects that deserve further discussion.

Choosing impact-resistant windows makes sense on many levels. Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale were put through extensive tests before they were made available to homeowners. The tests were designed to ensure that windows, which are considered to be a vulnerable point on any structure, would not compromise the integrity of the home during a storm or hurricane.

How Do High Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale Work?

High impact windows in Fort Lauderdale and other parts of Southern Florida are designed to resist the penetration of a flying foreign object during a storm. By doing so, the windows protect the home or commercial structure, along with those insides as well as the structure’s contents from wind infiltration and ensuing damage.

Impact windows and doors

It is a recognized fact that once a structure has been compromised and windows have been broken by flying debris, the pressure inside the building increases that, in turn, leads to structural problems.

For an impact window in Fort Lauderdale to be classified as such, it must meet building codes from an approved body. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, choosing impact windows in Fort Lauderdale effects other areas of residency. Included among the positive effects are:

  • Security: The laminated glass construction of impact windows in Fort Lauderdale provides an additional layer of protection between you and potential intruders.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Impact windows from A to Z G.C., a home end energy improvement company can provide different glass options. Depending on the choice, energy efficiency can be increased considerably, having a positive impact on the homeowners operating budget.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Installing impact windows in Fort Lauderdale does, in most cases, lower the cost of property insurance.
  • Resale Value: Impact windows, once installed, not only protect the current owners of the property, they increase the potential resale value. Laminated impact glass also reduces transient noise, leading to a more peaceful environment for all those concerned.

Choosing impact windows in Fort Lauderdale when building a new home, or renovating an existing property, is a simple decision. It is difficult, if not impossible, to put a value on lives or possessions.

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