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Factors to Consider When Buying Hurricane Windows in Fort Lauderdale

Hurricanes are one of the most damaging things that Mother Nature can throw at people. Of course, it only pertains to those who live on or near the coast. Still, you want to make sure that you’re doing your part. You probably leave when the state officials tell you to do so, but that doesn’t mean your home is protected. It’s important to have hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale & doors in Fort Lauderdale so that you don’t have to worry as much about flying debris and missile-like projectiles doing significant damage. Also, it’s essential to understand what factors to consider when buying hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale so that you pick the right ones.

hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale

Corrosion Resistance

Hurricanes come from the ocean, so the water sprayed all over your home is mixed with salt. This is highly corrosive, so you need to ensure that the hurricane windows are corrosion-resistant.

While the windows are made of glass, and the inner layer is shielded from water, the frame and sill should be made of a material that doesn’t rust or get damaged easily. Otherwise, your new windows are going to make your home more vulnerable to the high-force winds and damages that are sure to come.


About once every 40 years, every building in Florida is inspected to ensure that they are up to the standards for damage prevention. For example, condos and apartment buildings must replace the hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale every 30 to 40 years. If your windows aren’t that strong and durable, you may find yourself replacing them more often. This is very costly, and you want to ensure that the hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale are going to last for many decades before they need to be replaced.

Resistance to Hurricanes

Shockingly, some hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale aren’t designed to handle strong winds. In fact, they may only resist damage from the lower categories and not the larger ones. Make sure that your hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale can withstand a Category 5, which is one of the strongest ever documented.

Building Codes

Every state has specific rules in place that govern how a building is built. This includes the doors and windows on them. Therefore, you want hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale that are going to meet local building code ordinances.

The Federal government also has strict rules that must be met, though these are often more generic in nature. Florida’s regulations focus primarily on storms and hurricanes. Therefore, the manufacturers of hurricane windows understand what those codes are and make sure that their windows adhere to those strict rules.

Hurricane doors Fort Lauderdale

Buy Local

When you choose hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale that are made in the area and installed by a company in Florida, you are going to ensure the safety and durability of the window. They’ve met the climatic and environmental conditions that Florida has to offer. Such manufacturers know the prevailing winds and temperatures your home is going to see during a hurricane and make sure that the windows do their job.


Of course, hurricane windows are going to cost more than their traditional counterparts. This is something that you can’t avoid, but it is still necessary. When you buy locally, though, you can cut some of the prices. For example, there might be less tax to pay. You may also find that transportation to your location is less because the manufacturer is local.

The goal here is to be able to afford the windows without sacrificing quality. Therefore, you may not need the most expensive brand, but you should focus on value and performance to ensure that the windows do what they should.


Now that you understand the benefits of hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale and why you should shop locally, it’s time to get started on this project. Of course, it is likely to take some time, depending on how many windows you need to replace. Therefore, you may need to plan ahead. With the free estimate feature of A to Z GC, it’s easier to get the information you need. That way, you can benefit the planet, you’re home, and provide safety to your family.

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