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Accordion Hurricane Shutters or Hurricane Impact Windows? 

Impact window installation

Accordion hurricane shutters and hurricane impact windows protect homes from hurricane damage. But, do they equally? What is the best hurricane protection for you? your family? your home?

So, you turn to the internet for an answer: hurricane shutters or hurricane impact windows? Let’s go over some of the benefits of impact windows and accordion shutters together. By the end, you choose: hurricane shutters or hurricane impact windows?

Benefits of Installing Hurricane Impact Windows 

  • Stop That Thief! 

Every 15 seconds a home gets broken into in the United States. The most common point of entry for a burglar being through broken windows.

You’ve got nice stuff–like a 65-inch flat-screen TV with surround sound. To a burglar, nice stuff is not as important of a factor as to how breakable your windows are.

In other words, what type of windows do you have? If it’s standard glass windows, then your home is the pick of the litter for a burglar.

The sight of installed impact windows alone is enough to take your home off a burglar’s radar because an attempted break-in would take much time and much more effort.

  • Impact Resistant Glass 

Vases, mirrors, and windows too! Some of the finest home appliances are glass, but glass breaks easily and shatters into injurious shards.

Imagine a category three hurricane with high winds of 129 MPH bustles down your street. It carries street signs, tree limbs, and the scattered remains of something destroyed.

Flying debris hits your windows. Shards of glass are created on impact. Your safety flew out the window.

What makes impact windows special is that it prevents such devastation from happening to you and your family. 

Impact windows carry laminated glass– two thick panes of glass held together by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. If the glass panes break, the PVB interlayer keeps the broken pieces from flying around.

“Safety glass,” or “impact resistant glass,” is what makes impact resistant windows. Here is a diagram detailing each part of an impact window. 

  • Blocks UV Rays and Reduce Heat Gain

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your home’s interior. Sure, your roof is great at shielding you and your goods from the harsh sunlight, but UV rays can come in through your windows and cause UV damage to your goods.

Standard glass windows allow as much as 75% of UV rays to pass. That amount of exposure to sunlight puts your flooring, fabrics, and furnishings at risk of fading or discoloration.

We talked about how impact windows carry a PVB interlayer, how this serves to stop your windows from shattering into pieces on impact from flying debris. But, the PVB interlayer has many bonuses to it. Like, it also blocks harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Tests have found that impact windows block out 99% of UV rays. Blocking UV rays have health benefits for both you and your goods; and, it helps keep your home cool.

By that same token, excessive heat gain exhausts your air conditioner unit and drives up your energy bill. Heat gain is the transfer of heat into your home. Your windows alone are responsible for nearly half of your home’s heat gain.

Impact windows are effective at blocking the sun means they are as effective at reducing your home’s heat gain.

  • Lower Energy Costs

To be short, you lose money by keeping on standard glass windows. Impact windows relieve your air conditioner unit from the laborious task of maintaining your living space comfortable.

Impact windows are highly energy-efficient. These windows help your home to use less energy while maintaining your comfort.

Energy-efficient product means pay-back product because they put money back into your wallet while you are kept cozy at home.

Benefits of Installing Accordion Hurricane Shutters 

  • Fewer Upfront Costs

Shutters are cheap. There are fewer upfront costs to accordion shutters. On average, hurricane shutters and installation cost somewhere between $1,500 and $5,800.

Fewer upfront cost makes accordion shutter the easiest option for homeowners. Sometimes “easy” comes at a price of its own.

Listen carefully: shutters are cheap. Most shutters are of aluminum or steel. These materials rust easily from weathering.

You have to test lubrication and clean dirt, bugs, other residues constantly.

  • Some Protection 

Accordion hurricane shutters are strong. Some time ago, they were our most reliable source for protection against hurricanes. 

Some even installed them as a theft deterrent.

To understand how accordion shutters protect, you need to understand how accordion shutters work:

Accordion shutters are composed of two storm panels that roll across a track. Extend each storm panel to the fullest. They should meet each other halfway. Once you hear them snap together, lock them. 

Unlocked shutters cannot protect. Forceful winds will easily snap them open, and a thief would delight in easy access into your home.

So, it boils down to one question: how much do you like your window view?

Keep Your View Clear: Install Hurricane Impact Windows

Accordion shutters turn your house into a box. You get some protection but lose your view of the world outside.

Accordion shutters are cheap. You save on upfront costs by choosing them, but their lifespan depends on how well you can maintain them.

You can be sure of this: either one is better than leaving your home unprepared. But, installing impact windows is the best hurricane protection.  

Accordion shutters do not turn your standard windows into hurricane resistant windows. Standard windows under an accordion shutter are a hazard.

Impact windows are reliable, durable, and most cost-effective. Impact resistant glass protects you from flying debris, intruders, harmful UV rays; and, saves more money each month.

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