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Impact Windows and Doors Fort Lauderdale

Survive Severe Weather with Impact Windows and Doors in Fort Lauderdale

The full force of a hurricane was exhibited when Harvey ripped through Fort Lauderdale in 2017. Hurricane Harvey, along with Irma, Maria, and Jose caused untold millions of dollars in damage and loss and harming many people with homes in the area. Perfect defenses against the forces of Mother Nature have not yet been found. However, residents who had installed impact windows and doors Fort Lauderdale were relatively unscathed.

Upgrading Codes and Regulations

Recent years have seen local and state governments joining together to upgrade existing codes and regulations.  Governing a home’s design and construction in areas of Florida that tend to be besieged by hurricanes and strong winds. Hurricane Irma roared through the area in late August 2017. What started as a tropical storm quickly became the strongest hurricane ever to hit the region. State and National news outlets reported on the effects and noted those homes and other structures fitted with impact windows and doors fared better.

impact windows and doors fort lauderdale

Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Impact windows and doors consist of two sheets of glass that are bonded into one with a protective interlayer. A robust frame surrounds the glass sandwich. The assembly is fastened securely to the home’s window header and frame. The unique construction of impact windows and doors Fort Lauderdale keep hurricane-force winds, and the accompanying debris, from breaching the home’s defenses.

The Idea Came from the Automotive Industry

The idea for impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale came directly from the automotive industry. Laminated glass has been, for many years, the standard for automotive windshields. The glass used in automobiles consists of two sheets of glass separated by a shatterproof membrane. In the event the automobile windshield receives a significant blow, it may very well shatter, but the inner membrane holds the glass shards in place. Impact doors in Fort Lauderdale are designed to handle wind-borne debris, traveling at high speed. The laminated glass also resists attempted intrusion by would-be intruders. In both cases, automobile and home, penetration are virtually impossible.

Protect the Building Envelope

During a full-force hurricane, windows offer the ideal opportunity for a combination of high wind, water, and debris to enter the home, causing extensive damage. A broken window allows wind to enter the house. The result is an increase in pressure that looks for a way to escape. Once the building envelope has been breached, the difference in pressure, outside and inside, can result in the roof of the house blowing off. There is only one way to prevent this, keep the outside, out. And the way to do that is to install impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale.

Those who own older homes no longer have to protect the interior by putting up shutters or sheets of plywood over the windows and doors. Homeowners who have installed impact windows in Fort Lauderdale do no longer have to take special precautions to ensure their home will not be breached.

Impact windows And Doors Fort Lauderdale

The Importance of Frames

Impact windows and doors provided by A to Z – G.C consist of laminated glass panes and specially constructed frames. The best frames for impact windows and doors are fabricated from vinyl. The frames used for impact windows and doors Fort Lauderdale are more substantial than conventional frames, for a good reason. The glass may not break, but hurricane-force winds could cause a conventional frame to give way. Reinforced vinyl frames are tested by repeatedly impacting the assembly with a nine-pound section of wood traveling at 34 MPH, followed by hurricane-force winds.

Impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale improve Sound Transmission

A further benefit of installing impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale is the sound transmission. Thanks to laminated glass, homes, and other buildings fitted with impact windows in Fort Lauderdale. These are considerably quieter than buildings without impact-resistant glass. This is a feature most appreciated by those whose home is alongside a busy road or in a densely populated area.

Some homeowners are reluctant to invest in impact doors in Fort Lauderdale. However, the cost of such windows and doors is quickly recouped. Those who do invest in impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale can look forward to reduced energy costs, an energy tax credit, a reduction in noise, savings on home insurance, and security.

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