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Are Impact Windows Worth My Money?

Money for Home Improvements

You’re nodding off as a weathercast talks about this season’s first hurricane. The banner headline reads: Hurricane threat grows for South Florida. You look at your old windows and wonder how you’re going to protect your home. Impact windows? Yeah, you’ve heard of them. Even considered getting them, but you have this dangling doubt in your mind. Are impact windows worth my money?

The short answer is yes. But, before you do anything, read this article. We highlight the benefits of installing hurricane windows are not only worth the window’s cost during hurricane season but for a lifetime.

Best Protection

As a homebuyer, there is a series of check-boxes to check off before choosing your home. All through homeownership, safety should remain top-of-list.

Homeowners overlook windows as a worthwhile security feature to enhance. But, they play a pivotal role in your home’s protective system. Windows are easy points of entry. Standard windows can withstand winds of 75 miles per hour winds before they shatter.

Hurricane impact windows, also known as hurricane resistant windows, can withstand 200 miles an hour winds and impact flying debris. Even if your hurricane windows crack from impact, you can rest easy. Impact-resistant glass does not shatter.

Impact windows offer hurricane protection proven to save lives and save homes from destruction.

They’ve successfully minimized hurricane damage that installing impact windows and doors is mandatory in some regions. For example, the Florida Building Code requires windows located within one mile of the coastline to be impact-resistant.

These stormproof windows protect your home from more than hurricanes. They also protect your home against burglars.

Installing high-impact windows is a great way to deter burglary from happening to you. The high-strength glass has proven to be near impossible to break.

It’s important to note that impact-resistant windows do not guarantee total protection. Hurricanes will still come, and some burglars are daring enough to attempt breaking in.

One thing is for sure, impact windows minimize your risk and maximize your peace of mind.

Sell Your Home Fast

Most homeowners take pride in their home’s appearance. You want to share additions to your home with your guests. You want passersby to gaze at your property in admiration. Homeowners want a home with curb appeal.

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property. Curb appeal applies to all aspects of the exterior of the home. Landscape, driveway, and even windows!

Newer windows freshen the appearance of your home. Like installing new rims on a car, they are the perfect amount of bling-bling. Windows are a small detail that makes a massive difference in appearance.

Impact windows make your house attractive in the eyes of your neighbors, your visitors, AND potential buyers. Curb appeal affects the perceived value of your home.

Curb appeal is one of the most critical factors in selling a house. It reflects that the home is well-kept and creates a positive image of what it would be like to live there. Houses with curb appeal sell faster.

Impact windows are worth the investment because they boost the exterior AND the interior value of your home. Your new, energy-efficient windows are the perfect selling point for your home.

If you’re planning to sell soon, install impact windows now.

Cut Your Energy Costs

Your standard windows might be the reason why your energy bill remains consistently high. Installing impact windows is how millions of homeowners have cut hundreds of dollars annually in energy costs.

Impact windows are energy-efficient because they use special framing materials and glass enhancements.

You’ll be able to choose between wood, high-quality vinyl or aluminum frames for your impact windows. All three of these framing materials offer superior insulative properties, which are key to cutting excessive heat transfer.

Impact glass is a resilient type of glass. It’s what makes impact windows so unique. Impact windows use two thick panes held in place by a polyvinyl brutal interlayer. The PVB interlayer helps to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

In addition to this, the majority of impact windows provide Low-E (low emissivity). Low E is a special coating that blocks harmful UV rays that increase the heat load.

Installing impact windows is a sure way to cut your energy costs. But don’t take our word for it.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s sister website, Energy Star, informs us that installing impact windows can cut energy costs by an average of 12% nationwide.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency starts when you replace your old windows for impact windows with home improvement professionals.

Special Financing Available for South Florida Residents

We acknowledge that homeowners have different budgets. Home improvement projects worth doing build on your savings and your home’s resiliency and energy efficiency.

A to Z- G.C. flex-financing options are available to all homeowners in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-dade County.

Choose A to Z -G.C’s trusty installers for your impact windows and get prequalified instantly for 100% financing with zero money down. Get your project started within an hour.


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