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Miami is a vibrant, multicultural city with a rich history and plenty of landmarks that reflect its diverse culture. One of the most iconic landmarks in Miami is the Freedom Tower, which was built in 1925 to house the Miami News. The tower is now a museum that chronicles the experience of Cuban immigrants in the early 20th century. Another notable landmark is Little Havana, which is home to Cuban-American businesses and cultural institutions. Visitors to Little Havana can enjoy Cuban food, music, and art. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is another must-see for tourists and locals alike. The Vizcaya estate was built in the early 20th century by an American millionaire, and it features beautiful gardens and architecture. The museum is open to the public and hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

Looking for a General Contractor in Miami that does more than just windows, doors, and roofing? Look no further! Our A to Z GC General Contractors team can provide you with a wide range of services, from impact windows and doors to roofing. We understand the importance of quality artistry and customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that your project will be handled responsibly. Contact us today for a free consultation!

What Is a General Contractor, And How Do They Operate?

A general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination and management of a construction project. The property owner typically hires them to oversee the various contractors who work on the project. General contractors can be involved in all aspects of construction, from planning and designing to overseeing the work and ensuring it is completed on time and within budget.
They usually have a team of staff they manage and direct and a network of subcontracted workers who can assist with particular chores. In some cases, general contractors may also be responsible for providing the materials and equipment necessary for the project.
General contractors can handle tasks, from little home repairs and new construction to create a new house. General contractors may specialize in plumbing, framing, electrical wiring projects, foundations, or roofs, and they can work on commercial or residential properties. Check whether the contractor you’re looking at has the proper licenses, registration, insurance, and certifications necessary by your city or state before hiring them.
A general contractor is hired for every construction project, whether a new house, an office building, or remodeling. AtoZ is a state-licensed and insured Florida General Contractor that strives to satisfy the increasing demand for energy while maintaining the quality and performance that homeowners and businesses expect.

Ways to Secure Your Home Against Hurricanes in Miami

As a General Contractor in Miami, we often get asked about the best ways to secure your home against hurricanes. Below are some of the ways:

Secure Windows and Doors

Broken windows allow rain and wind in, not to mention air pressure beneath the roof. Storm shutters can prevent windows from breaking; if you don’t have storm shutters, covering your windows is just as effective. The outside door should be secured with a lock, such as a good deadbolt lock. On all sides of the home, doors and windows should be secured. Hurricane winds may be unpredictable and come from any direction.

Prepare the Roof

Install hurricane ties in the roof’s structure to make it more resistant to high winds, uplifting, racking, and overturning. Check for loose tiles or shingles on the roof that can become deadly missiles during a hurricane’s high winds. Seal areas where wires enter the home via the roof to reduce the risk of water damage during heavy rain.

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Brace the Garage Door

The garage door is the most vulnerable area of your home if it isn't adequately reinforced. When the wind enters the garage, it generates a positive push; simultaneously, wind swirling above the garage creates a negative pull. This mixing can cause the roof to collapse.

Trim Trees

The larger a tree grows, the more likely it will fall in high winds due to weak wood and branching structure. Check for dead areas or leaves on any trees near your home. Loose limbs can quickly become missiles that might break through windows during a hurricane. Fallen trees will be covered by insurance, but the damage caused by their fall may only be reimbursed partially, especially if the tree has not hit anything.

Get Prepared

Make sure your insurance policy covers the whole cost of rebuilding if you lose your house during a hurricane. It might be more money to rebuild a home than what it is worth. If you don't already have flood insurance, get it; post-hurricane flooding is the most common cause of property damage after a hurricane. Make an inventory of all your valuables since it will be easier to make an accurate claim if there is a disaster.

Impact Resistant Windows for Home

The most significant impact windows exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, impact-resistant window prices are always different. There are several high-impact window producers, so the costs should not surprise. Furthermore, the cost of impact windows is strongly related to the number of windows in your home and their size.
You have a lot of alternatives with A to Z GC. We are self-employed, so we do not work with any particular impact window manufacturer. This is wonderful for you, the client because we don’t need to push you toward any particular brand. Instead, we can figure out your needs and suggest the best impact-resistant window for you.
The good news is that most high-impact windows are effective. Whether you’re looking for hurricane impact-resistant windows or burglar resistance smash-proof glass, you’ll be satisfied to know that all of our impact-resistant windows will do the job. The appearance of your impact windows is a significant consideration as a homeowner. It’s critical to choose an impact window that complements your house and one you’re pleased with, whether you’re buying new or replacing existing ones.

Impact Resistant Sliding Doors

If you’re concerned about intruders or flying debris, the first doors to replace are impact-resistant sliding doors. Sliding glass doors are frequently the most vulnerable door in a home. It would take a pebble hitting your sliding glass door at considerable speeds to cause it to shatter. As a result, investing in impact-resistant sliding glass doors is a good idea.
You’ll immediately feel how safe your sliding glass doors are. You may expect to reduce outside noise with high-quality impact-resistant sliding doors. As a result, if you live close to a highway, rail, airport, or any other location where noise is expected,
Another significant advantage of impact sliding glass doors is their energy efficiency. Impact sliding glass doors help you save money on your power bill by reducing energy waste. As a result, impact sliding glass doors are the gift that keeps on giving all year.

Impact-Resistant Roofing

A roof that is impact resistant has a composition of materials that is wind and hail resistant and less prone to harm. Choosing the suitable roofing material is critical to getting the best roof performance under high winds and rain. At A to Z GC, General contractors in Miami can help you make the best decision for your home.
Shingles and other roofing materials are developed to resist hail and flying debris abuse, which may damage typical shingles. Roof shingles with an impact-resistant rating are meant to endure high winds and hail damage and have a Class 4 rating.

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