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The Advantages of Using Impact Doors in Fort Lauderdale

Almost everyone in Florida has heard of impact doors in Fort Lauderdale, though they are more familiar with the windows. Still, you may not realize the many benefits of using them.

It’s important that you recognize why they’re needed, such as to prevent hurricane damage. That way, you can justify the cost of buying and installing impact doors instead of using the more flimsy options out there.

Impact windows And Doors Fort Lauderdale

Prevent Burglaries and Hurricane Damage

Impact doors in Fort Lauderdale are designed to provide your home with 24/7 protection from hurricanes and burglars. There is no need to have other devices in places, such as hurricane accordions, panels, screens, or shutters. While some people do like to have them as another layer of protection, they aren’t required by building codes or specific laws.

Just make sure that you do check with your local ordinance about building codes to make sure that your impact doors are up to the challenge and follow all the guidelines.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Even standard impact doors in Fort Lauderdale are going to provide you with some energy-conserving benefits. Generally, the type of glass used on these doors features a Low-E, high-performance coating to reduce heat loss. That way, you feel more comfortable in the house and can reduce your energy usage and lower your electric bill.

Studies have been conducted that show impact doors in Fort Lauderdale might reduce energy consumption rates by up to 40 percent when used in conjunction with impact windows. Therefore, you’re going to see a return on your investment from the moment they are installed in your home.

Variety of StylesMost homeowners and HOAs like to use impact doors because they come in various styles to fit your specific preferences, décor, and design. The front door of your building or home can be made with decorative door panels, glass, and more. Plus, it is highly secure and makes for a beautiful entryway. These products are found from a variety of sources and can include different colors and frames, as well. The options are limitless and allow you to customize the impact doors in Fort Lauderdale to meet your needs.

Discounts on Insurance

Many times, insurance companies raise rates for those living in hurricane-prone areas. This means that you’re paying more to protect your home in case something happens. However, impact doors in Fort Lauderdale can help lower your insurance premiums. Just make sure that this is offered on your policy and that you follow all of the rules in place from the company to ensure that you are eligible for the discount later.

Impact doors Fort Lauderdale

Building Codes

Impact doors in Fort Lauderdale must be manufactured from reputable companies so that the product withstands gale-force winds. Building codes are stringent in many Florida cities, so it is important that they are going to uphold in a storm. Generally, the doors have tear-resistant layers inside that are sandwiched between the glass. That way, the glass outside might crack, but it isn’t going to allow flying objects to get inside your house.

Lower Noise Levels

Most people live next door to noisy neighbors or busy streets. You may not realize it, but impact doors in Fort Lauderdale can help you reduce the noise levels you hear from outside. Therefore, you don’t have to listen to the kids screaming and playing, traffic, and airplanes coming in and out.

UV Protection

If you install impact doors in Fort Lauderdale, you may find that it can prevent about 99 percent of the sun’s harmful rays from getting inside. UV rays can damage your furniture, photos/artwork, flooring, draperies, and much more. Plus, too much sunlight can also cause skin cancer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prevent this from happening with the right products.


When it comes to installing impact doors in Fort Lauderdale, now is the time. You don’t want to risk waiting to have a hurricane come through your town and destroy your home. Safety is your main concern for your family and property, and these doors can provide you with that. If you’re looking for the right place to go, consider A to Z GC Home & Energy Improvement. You can get a free estimate right now.

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